The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and therefore it remains difficult for many entrepreneurs to get more followers. But remember… in the end, it’s not about the number of followers. That’s just a number. It is about the amount of followers who are genuinely interested in your account. This is where you ultimately get your business from.

So today I am sharing my 4 basic tips to improve your Instagram account: 

1) Post regularly⁠

Consistency is key! Post regularly (at set times and days) and post qualitative content; it’s about providing appealing content to which your clients will react. Post good quality photos (carousels), videos, Instagram stories and lives and make use of newer features like IGTV and Instagram Shopping. Write appealing captions and make use of hashtags.

2) Engage with your followers  

Engage with your clients and followers. Be genuinely interested in other accounts; regularly post comments to others, answer DM’s and reply to comments as soon as possible after posting (within one hour!). Only follow your ideal clients and accounts you have a connection with or with whom you are sharing the same interests.⁠ 

3) Create a recognizable feed

Eye candy! Create a stunning and recognizable Instagram feed. Use photo filters (presets) or color schemes that match your brand identity. Pay attention to your tone of voice.

4) Use Instagram Stories

Give your followers a ‘behind the scenes’ using Instagram Stories. Be personal, be yourself, be real. It doesn’t have to be perfect! ⁠

Do you need help with your Instagram account? You want to improve your Instafeed and you don’t know where to start? Contact Studio MarCom en let me help you.

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